Performance Info

stage diagram

We do not require a sound system, but this diagram serves two purposes: one, to show our preferred set-up, and two, to show what mics/XLR cables we would use if we need to use a sound system.

Our music can fill most small rooms with good acoustics, but in larger, and/or high ceiling rooms, a boost in volume is preferable, especially for the vocal.

While certainly not a requirement, a preferable minimum size for set-up is approximately 18ft by 7ft. This gives us room to get our two dulcimers, (trapezoids roughly 3.5ft by 2.5ft and 3ft by 1.5ft) keyboard, (4ft by 1.5ft) and keyboard amp (18in by 10in) set up with room to move around to get to our guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle as shown above.

When available, we prefer to use a real piano, as long as it is in good tune. The sound quality is much improved with an acoustic piano rather than with our electric keyboard. We also need an electric outlet available in which to plug our keyboard.

If we are using a sound system, we prefer at least three monitors. If we are using a piano we need an additional monitor at the piano.

Our keyboard has a 1/4 inch output, but we provide the cord and adaptor (1/4" to XLR). All that we need is an XLR cable. We have the necessary cord and adaptor (1/4" to XLR) should we need use of the pickup for the guitar.